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“Please don’t send me a stack of resumes.” “Posting a resumé on online job sites or sending it to LMS — what’s the difference?” LMS focuses on quality not quantity, solutions not simply resumés. We personally screen all resumés, interview, and advise candidates, check references, and, if requested, conduct client-specific testing. Personal attention to candidates is of prime importance to us.
“Most of our projects involve high-volume and tight deadlines, and all of them demand accuracy.” “I learn quickly.”

“I’m good with details.”

For over 25 years, LMS has supplied skilled, flexible talent for a range of large and small, detail-driven, time-constrained projects. We assess what clients specifically need now and anticipate what could come later, and then identify those candidates who can meet the challenges.
“We want people with positive attitudes about work and colleagues.” “People say I work smart and fast.”

“I’m productive on a team or alone.”

We look not just for skill level but also for factors that will influence candidates’ performance for clients and job satisfaction for themselves. We check quality, performance, and client/candidate satisfaction before, during, and after an assignment.
“We want the option to use people temporarily and, afterwards, possibly to hire them permanently.” “I want temporary work now that could turn into a permanent job.”

“I need experience for law school.”

LMS provides temporary, temporary-to-permanent and permanent placement candidates in positions as paralegals, legal secretaries, litigation support assistants, and administrative staff.
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